Client Testimonials


With Robin’s help, I was able to feel my core again. I had lost all connection and frankly, didn’t know it was something I can have again while pregnant. I used all the breathing and core connection techniques Robin trained me on during labor and avoid unnecessary drugs and interventions. I am now 6 months post natal and no longer have diastasis, can engage my core and have a strong pelvic floor.

Shanti P

Bad Mama Jama is such an amazing class and community of MAMAS!! Robin is a bad ass coach and had an understanding of what your body has been through. She corrects your form and pushes your limits knowing what you are capable of (I love her for this!!!). But most of all I feel stronger and able to carry and juggle my baby in a safe way without hurting myself


I have been training with Robin since my second trimester and I couldn’t have been happier to have her guidance through this journey.  Robin is incredibly knowledgeable in sports science and the program she tailored for me is very well organized and accessible. Her prenatal program not only helped to condition my stamina for labor (let’s be honest, giving birth is harder than running a marathon!) but also helps me to clear my mind and maintain my mental health postpartum.