San Diego Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Tired of doing a lot of something without any direction? Take the guesswork out of your training and let us strike the perfect balance for your body. It’s a little cardiovascular work and a whole bunch of strength. Keep reading about our strength training programs, then call or message us to schedule your free assessment with Coach Robin.

Kettlebell Training

Moving through all planes of motion, replicating the most common movements of everyday life, all while training with a highly-dynamic and neuromuscularly challenging tool – yup, kettlebells are pretty much strength-training nirvana. But using them effectively requires good technique. Book an assessment and let’s get you swinging like a pro!

Strength Training Tools at MVMNT

  • Barbells
  • Sled
  • Resistance bands
  • Airdyne bike
  • Skierg
  • Medicine balls
  • Pull up bars
  • TRX
  • Kettlebells (4kg-60kg)
  • Dumbbells (3lb-45lb)
  • and more!

Strength Training

Strength training is for everyone. Studies show that strength training enhances your quality of life in many ways, including building muscle, reducing pain and tightness, and developing strong bones.


When you were 20 you could jump up from the couch and hit the bricks for a 5k without giving it a second thought. If you try to do that now, you’re practically cripled for the rest of the weekend, right? Scientific research shows that incorporating weight training into your regular exercise has been shown to improve your speed. Coach Robin offers specialized strength and mobility training programs designed to accompany your running.


What’s heavier than a baby? A baby in a car seat, with a diaper bag and a toddler hanging off the other arm. If you’re not training for the weight of motherhood, you’re cheating yourself out of your greatest potential. Resistance training during pregnancy has been proven to provide both physical and psychological benefits and improve functional ability throughout. At MVMNT Studio, we make strength training a key part of your prenatal exercise program.


This is not your mother’s menopause journey! The results are in: If you want to end the rollercoaster ride of menopause, strength training is the answer. Because estrogen is needed to create bone, osteoporosis risk increases after menopause. Strength training is the key to keeping bones and muscles strong and increasing metabolism. We are living proof that menopause isn’t the end – it’s the start of your best chapter yet. Lift heavy. Get lean. Feel and look better than ever.

All strength training programs are programmed for the individual. Reach out today to schedule your free assessment.