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MVMNT Philosophy

Sometimes what’s really important in life has nothing to do with smoothing out a lump here or making a bump there. Sometimes, it’s about being able to chase your kids into the waves. Or dig in your garden without an aching back. Maybe you’re just sick of hurting all over, all the time.

Bending. Twisting. Reaching. Living. Learn to heal from injury, increase mobility, build strength – rediscover yourself. You’ll find that you stand straighter, walk taller, breathe deeper, embody strength – not just looking better, but feeling and moving better too.

At MVMNT Studio, we are dedicated to meeting you wherever you are on your fitness journey. We want every session to feel like you’re one step closer to your health and fitness goals. We place a premium on keeping the studio clean and clutter-free so that you’re able to focus in on your body and maximize your training time.

But just as important as physical health is mental health. This is non-negotiable: MVMNT Studio is an inclusive, judgment-free, safe training space. It’s the place where you can safely unpack all that’s been weighing you down.

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Fitness Studio in College Area, San Diego

After having two children, the impact of movement suddenly became more important to Coach Robin Taylor. She realized that her old methods of working out weren’t a good fit with her new body. She was in pain, uncomfortable, and determined to get her body back to feeling good.

After years of education and trial-and-error on her own body, Robin learned to heal her pelvic floor dysfunction, repair her core, and get rid of the pain for good. The positive and lasting impact of evidence-based, high-quality, consistent movement, coupled with a desire to help others move and feel better, inspired her to create MVMNT Studio in October, 2019. The Studio is located on El Cajon Blvd in College Area.

Award Winning Fitness Studio

College Area Business District “Best Of” Award Winner:

  • Best Health & Wellness, 2021
  • Best Workout, 2021
  • Best Health & Wellness, 2020
  • Best Workout, 2020